Candide, LBO, 2016

"Strange's Candide, dressed like an overgrown schoolboy in a vest and khakis, delivers his solos with the proper earnestness of a protagonist who needs the ceiling to fall on his head before awakening to the patented ludicrousness of Pangloss' creed."
Charles McNulty
Los Angeles Times

"Tenor Todd Strange introduced a properly innocent and sturdily musical Candide who plumbed genuine depths of feeling."
Timothy Mangan
Orange County Register

"Todd Strange is a strong Candide, marrying Candide’s wide-eyed naiveté with a voice that never falters. He’s so natural to the role that you can lose track of how much he’s really doing."
Greggory Moore
Random Length News

"Among Pangloss' students is Candide, played by Todd Strange. The fresh-faced tenor imbues Candide with the role's innate naïveté, expressing what Voltaire described as Candide's being "endowed by Nature with the most gentle character. His face was the expression of his soul. His judgment was quite honest and he was extremely simple-minded...." Strange's visage and his performance convey all this..."
Ed Rampell 
People's World

"Todd Strange plays the title character Candide, bringing a most engaging voice...."
Bob Gelfand
City Watch

"In the title role, Todd Strange was pretty ideal, firm and resonant of voice and a likable, sympathetic stage presence."
Jim Ruggirello, Music Columnist, -Gazettes

"Todd Strange as the title character captures Candide’s earnestness and unabashed optimism."
Jonas Schwartz
Arts in LA

"Todd Strange makes for a credible Candide, a challenging task that must be approached without a hint of coyness or commentary. "
Myron Meisel
Stage Raw

"As Candide, Todd Strange mixes youthful optimism and a lovely tenor voice." - See more at:

"Their fantastic reunion song, “You Were Dead, You Know” was made all the more awesome because there wasn’t the cluttered staging and unmotivated pacing seen much of the evening by so many of the actors. "- See more at:


"There are too many performers who deserve recognition to name them all, but I particularly enjoyed Todd Strange as Etienne de Bouvray, a dashing viscount."

-Rick Hamlin, Opera News

"This production is chock full of glowing performances. Todd Strange's glorious voice is strong and clear and his acting is on target."
- Joseph Ledford, The Budget, Sugarcreek, OH

"Several performers in smaller roles also succeeded, especially Todd Strange as Tobias, a shill for a competing barber, and later for Mrs. Lovett's pies."
- Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star

"When it came to tenor Strange, his voice was on the mark in everything he did. It is he who set the stage for “Messiah,” standing after the overture by the Sierra Vista Symphony, first with the recitative “Comfort Ye,” and then “Ev’ry Valley,” which follows. His voice was perfect, showing off the fine qualities of a what a tenor can do."  
-Bill Hess, Sierra Vista Herald