Video: Opera/Crossover Reel


Dein ist Mein Ganzes Herz, Léhar

Solo Film Debut:  "The Camel" in Motion Picture, Sing at "0:24"


Fallujah (Stokes) Full Opera HD Broadcast: Sings the Role of Taylor

Video Opera/Crossover Demo

"O Holy Night", Hour of Power

Notable Press

"Strange rendered a heartbreaking and vocally glorious, but fatally flawed character."”

Natalie Mann, Singerpreneur/Lauri's List

Tenor Todd Strange introduced a properly innocent and sturdily musical Candide who plumbed genuine depths of feeling.”

Timothy Mangan, OC Register

Strange's Candide, dressed like an overgrown schoolboy in a vest and khakis, delivers his solos with the proper earnestness of a protagonist who needs the ceiling to fall on his head before awakening to the patented ludicrousness of Pangloss' creed.”

Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

Todd Strange is a strong Candide, marrying Candide’s wide-eyed naiveté with a voice that never falters. He’s so natural to the role that you can lose track of how much he’s really doing.”

Greggory Moore, Random Length News


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